Welcome to NHR Racing Team

NHR Racing Team's main focus is in karting, We compete in the Danish national Karting classes. Formula Yamaha, DASU Senior and DASU KZ. In the future we plan to race in Formula 5 cars as well as karts!

Sim Racing

NHR Racing Team has a big sim racing program! Our focus is on open wheel formula cars. We racing in the iRacing Skip Barber series, the iRacing Formula Renault 2,0 Series, the iRacing Grand Prix Series (Formula 1) and the iRacing Road Pro Series (Formula 1)

Team History

NHR Racing team was founded by Nicklas Rasmussen back in 1998. In 2010 we won our first local championship in the Futura class. and in 2012 we finished 3rd in the Danish Super Kart Championship in the KF2 National Class. 2016 marked our first entry into the national shifter kart class DASU KZ

Next Race Event

2017 kart exhibition
NHR Racing HQ
18/02 - 2017
Class: DASU KZ

Latest News

18/02-2017: First pictures of our 2017 kart revealed
We were unfortunately running out of time to get our kart 100% ready for our planned team presentation today. So while there is still some details that are not finished we have decided that we will show our 2017 DASU KZ kart to the public anyway.
Like last season, the chassis is a "GP kart" and while the kart is without it's engine on the pictures, it will be powered by a TM KZ10 (M18) engine. Some upgrades to the kart includes updated electronics and new performance technology. The kart has also been given an updated visual design for the 2017 season. This season will also see the DASU KZ class move from Vega to Bridgestone tires.
The presentation is by spornsored by bildeleshop.dk

2015 Racing Season

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